Friday 21 February 2020
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Tips for buying a used car

Tips for buying a used car

The conversation on used cars is mostly centered on their effectiveness and longevity.  Whereas these are legitimate concerns, there are various other pointers that are key to landing a superb used car. Here are some tips you should consider;


  • How does it look?

You can tell a lot by a car’s curb appeal. If your intended buy looks all beaten outside, you will incur a pretty penny getting it back to the level that you want it. Not to say that you should not buy the car for its aesthetics or lack of them, but you would want to limit your expenditure unless the dealership is letting it go at a throwaway price. Also, you may want to look in the hood and see beyond the cover. Rust marks may be an indication of trouble with the engine.

  • Take it for a spin

It is not enough that the car looks good both inside and out. The only way to tell whether the car is worthy of your investment or not is by feeling it. Take it for a drive on the local roads to feel how it responds to sharp corners. Go to the highway to feel how it takes them on and if the braking system works fine. This information will be vital when making the decision.

  • Beware of Leaks

During the test drive, you may want to park it in a clean place and let the engine run for 30-45 seconds. When you move it, check for oil spills. If you notice any leaks at that spot, you may want to have that checked first to know what it could mean for you if you bought the car in its present condition. If you can help it, get a car that will not require any further expenditure to get it into working condition.

  • A Little Research Would Not Hurt

Before you settle on a ride or even go out looking for one, do a little research online about the make and model to see whether it is a worthy deal. It also pays to do extensive research on prices both online and from dealership selling used cars. The consensus online will give you an idea of how to bargain before you set to talk to your salesperson.

A used car is a good deal because it does not cost as much as a new one. Another bright side, your intended car has been tested and tried by other people before you. If you follow the above guidelines before buying, you could just get yourself your best acquisition yet.  Visit our used cars Mandan dealership and get yourself a ride that suits your style and preference.