Monday 17 February 2020
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Ticket Supplies for Your Valet Services

Ticket Supplies for Your Valet Services

When running a valet service business, it is important to have the necessary resources to ensure your business looks professional and keeps organized during operation. Every valet service needs to have valet ticket supplies that can serve multiple purposes while conducting business. We’ve listed out the most important ticket supplies and why you need them for your valet services.

Two-Part Parking Tickets

In order for you to keep organized when it comes to picking up vehicles once they are ready to leave, you’ll need two-part parking tickets. These tickets are composed of two sides, one for your podium and the other for the customer. When a new customer approaches for valet services, you will fill out their vehicle info on your side of the ticket, and hand the customer their claim ticket. The customer will hand you their claim check when they are ready to leave, and you can easily match their ticket with the valet copy and locate their vehicle. This is handy for organization and also to protect your customers from theft.

Parking Violation Tickets

In the event that your valet service has a designated area where only valet vehicles can be parked, you will need to have parking violation tickets handy. These tickets are just warning tickets to be placed on the windshield of vehicles that are parked in your valet area without permission. The tickets will warn the driver that they are parked illegally and that their vehicle information has been recorded. It also states that if the vehicle is parked in your area a second time, their vehicle will be towed. These tickets are vital to protect your valet area.

Paper Hangtag

Another important part of valet ticket supplies is a paper hangtag. This is an easy way for your valet team to determine which vehicles in your parking area are valet. The hangtag is easy to see and is a fast indicator of valet vehicles. You can also use a hangtag as a claim ticket for your customers using the bottom claim portion of the tag. Use the hangtag as a way to mark any current obvious damage to the customer’s vehicle to protect your company from being accused of damage on the vehicle that was already present at drop-off. Your customers will also appreciate this to feel comfortable that their vehicle is in safe hands.

Having the correct equipment for your valet services is important for keeping professional and organized. Be sure to check out the ticket supplies above to ensure a quality valet experience for your customers.