Friday 21 February 2020
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Propane scooter review: looking closer at the amazing vehicle

Propane scooter review: looking closer at the amazing vehicle

Progo 3000 – your swiftest eco-friendly carrier

Electric scooters sure a trendy today as they are perfectly clean and allow a rider to make the minimal impact on the environment. Still, they have several annoying drawbacks, among which there is the inconvenience of recharging and relatively low performance on the road. But what if we told you that it has now become possible to combine the endurance of a gas scooter with the “green” way of using it?

The Progo 3000 was designed to become your lasting and favourite mode of transportation. Forget about CARB and EPA restrictions regarding exhaust gases. From now on you can do nothing but smile on those telling you about the charging downtime of 6 to 12 hours. The propane-powered engine has no choke, is totally tolerant to winterizing and has nothing to do with carburetor gum. The Progo 3000 is as powerful as your old gas scooter – but it has way more benefits to you and your surroundings.

The 4-stroke engine requires one propane canister per each 40 miles to stay on the move. The interchangeable pressurised cylinder contains 16.4 oz of fuel; overall, this 25cc scooter can go as fast as 20 mph, which is awesome, taking into account how compact and practical it is.

Other facts you should know about propane scooters

From the very beginning, the first model of a propane scooter was the Kickstarter-based project. Today, the scooter’s price starts from around $375 – which is not bad if take into account that the authors of the project just put together some pieces of existing technology. It doubtfully has a chance to evolve or get cheaper just because it already uses its technological potential to the fullest.

This way or another, with their 2-3 hour running capacity, these scooters make a superb commuting option.

Here is the rundown of reasons why this propane scooter is worth of your attention:

  • it’s approved by EPA and CAPB, and totally legal in California;
  • its lightweight yet robust steel frame is unbelievably easy to carry, while its foldable handle makes it great for storing in your flat (handlebar size of around 16”);
  • easy pull start, accelerated by a thumb throttle and no priming;
  • perfectly safe due to its rugged disc brakes installed both in rear and front;
  • its compact 8-inch tires is the reason for the dry weight of a mere 35 lbs., with no harm to carrying capacity (up to 275 lbs.);
  • propane canisters can be interchanged in the twinkling of an eye and is easily bought/refilled;
  • it will be great for people aged 15 and up;
  • being a bit pricey for a present, the Progo 3000 nevertheless will be a totally unforgettable thing to buy for your child or dearest ones.

If you agree that the aforementioned features are pretty cool and if your old electric scooter does not sound powerful enough for you … you undoubtedly should look for the ProGo 3000 propane-powered scooter.