Friday 21 February 2020
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How Car Insurance Works for Damaged Windshield

How Car Insurance Works for Damaged Windshield

Front Windshield Glass, Windshield Repair

Windshield damage is something one may never be completely prepared for or anticipate. That heavy branch shielding your car from the sun may just be the reason behind the windshield’s damage, or maybe when your neighbor’s basketball game went a tad too far and is responsible for that massive crack on your car’s glass. A big crack on the windshield makes the car and its inhabitants vulnerable to the smallest impact and harsh weather conditions. There are dangers associated with driving around in a cracked windshield you should never ignore.

The front windshield glass is the safety guard of your vehicle, shielding the driver and co-passengers from the winds while keeping away flying debris out of the vehicle. It also shields you effectively against troublesome weather conditions. Therefore, you should avoid driving under severe conditions and get a damaged windscreen repaired at the earliest from trusted service brands like Windshield Experts who provide efficient, long-lasting windshield solutions.

Whether or not your car insurance covers the windshield repair cost, the amount depends on the insurance type and your liability in the accident. A comprehensive insurance coverage that may be purchased with collision insurance is an all-encompassing policy that protects your car from damage that is not caused by another car or vehicle – a damage that may be referred to as “act of god” or due to “non-collision reasons”. This insurance usually covers your windshield repair cost for situations such as:

  • A tree (branch) or an animal crashing on to your windshield
  • Basketball crashing on to the windshield
  • Pebbles or airborne debris flying into your windshield while driving
  • Acts of vandalism

While buying an insurance policy, you should always double check and make sure that all auto glass is insured.

But what if you don’t have a comprehensive insurance?

This limits the possibilities of windshield repair being covered by insurance. You would be required to file a liability claim under the involved party’s insurance and prove to their company that their client was at fault for the damage.

The claiming processes – Things you need to know

Filing a claim for windshield repair works just as it does for any other automobile claim;

  1. Start by calling up a company agent or submit the claim online
  2. Always remember that the claim for auto insurance should be filed as soon as possible
  3. After filing in, you are required to bring in your car to an affiliated windshield service partner so that they can assess the damage and assist you with the recommended repair
  4. Keep a track of all expenses and bills that need to be submitted to the insurer for reimbursement
  5. Special cases like damage due to vandalism may require additional documents such as a police report to complete the claim

Before filing a windshield repair claim, enquire whether you would be required to pay the compulsory and the voluntary deductibles – if the deductible is greater than the estimated costs, then you would be better off paying for the repair work yourself. Some companies even offer windshield repair without having to pay the deductible. So, it is advisable to consult your insurance agent before filing and get clarity on the move. This claim can and most likely will affect your renewal premium but that may not always be the case with every company.