Friday 21 February 2020
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Five Reasons your Car Loan Application can Get Rejected

Five Reasons your Car Loan Application can Get Rejected

People borrow money from financial institutions for their major purchases such as a car. Today, you can easily finance your car purchase through a loan. Although you have low odds of getting a rejection, it can still occur. Creditors will have to look at available information before they approve your loan. They will factor their findings into whether to grant you a loan or not.  To increase your chances of getting approved for a loan, it is best to know what could cause a loan rejection. These include the following:

Unclear or Incorrect Information

Lenders will refer to the information you provide to determine your qualification for a loan and whether or not your application deserves to be approved. They will use such information to investigate your capability to pay back what you will owe them. Giving incorrect or unclear information to the lender is like giving them a wrong direction and can cause your loan to get rejected.

Inability to Meet the Income Requirements

Your income is an important factor that lenders will look into. It will tell lenders you have a source of funds you can use for repaying your loan. If your income does not meet their requirements, they will reject your loan application. Also, in terms of income, they will determine if you have a stable job.

Poor Debt History

The way you handle your current or past debts will affect a lender’s final decision for your application. If they will find out that you have been bad at paying your previous debts, they will consider you not creditworthy and reject your application. Even if you have current loans, lenders like CaptainCash will not reject your application if they are seeing consistent timely payment at your end.

Big Loan Request

The amount that you can borrow in a car loan is limited based on how much you make every month and the amount of the vehicle you want to buy. Therefore, consider your funds and budget. Determine how much you can afford to pay each month in amortization dues plus interest. Think about your chosen car against the car you need.

Falsified Data

Giving unclear or incorrect information to lenders is not the same as falsifying data. Falsification of documents, your credit history, and identity is felony and punishable by law. Keep in mind that banks cannot be tricked into processing a car loan with false information. Never lie in your loan application if you don’t want to face criminal charges.