Monday 17 February 2020
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Five Most Famous Iceland Attractions Every Tourist Needs to Experience

Five Most Famous Iceland Attractions Every Tourist Needs to Experience

Iceland is a really breathtaking country full of natural landscapes, amazing geological formations, and so much more. Located at the edge of the Arctic Circle and situated atop one of the most volcanically active spots on the planet, Iceland is increasing its’ popularity every other day in regards to tourism. When you visit Iceland, you’ll discover fantastic naturals spots and landscapes like the rugged fjords, bubbling hot springs, inspiring mix of spectacular glaciers, thundering waterfalls, and much more. Tourism in Iceland is also becoming more and more flourished by activities such as taking baths in the superb blue lagoon, and hiking during the midnight sun. Regardless of your already planned itinerary, right from the moment you step in Iceland, you’ll know you’ve arrived in a truly special place. In this article, we are going to take a look at five most famous Iceland attractions every tourist needs to experience;

1. Whale Watching
These gentle marine giants can be seen from various different locations in Iceland including Reykjavík (the capital). In total, there are about 23 different types of whales in Iceland including humpback and minke. Other marine wildlife which one might encounter include, but not limited to; white beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises and many types of sea birds including the puffins. The best time of the year to spot the rather elusive mammals is between May and September, however, they can be see all year round.

2. Blue Lagoon
This is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. This tranquil and beautiful geothermal spa is less than one hour away from Reykjavik. This fantastic body of milky blue sea waters has temperatures of between 37 to 40 degrees, and the natural occurring silica, sulfur and various other minerals in the water offer incredible rejuvenation properties for your body, skin and muscles.

3. Thingvellir National Park
This UNESCO World Heritage site and National Park is quite interesting for 2 main reasons: it is the original site of longest running parliament on the planet, and is also where European and North American continental shelf plates are getting torn apart. Touring Iceland by car is the best way to really enjoy yourself especially in this incredible national park. Between October and March, the conditions of the road can be a bit hairy so you need to drive carefully, and consider renting a 4×4 or an equivalent, which can handle the weather conditions, and properly grip the icy roads.

4. Great Geyser
This natural spot is located in the south western Iceland, and it has been active for more than 10,000 years. The Great Geyser can spurt boiling water up to about 70 meters up in the air. The Geysers are usually caused by the surface water, making its’ way down for over 2,000 meters. On reaching boiling point, it spouts very hot water and steam, and these natural occurrences are absolutely stunning to watch.

5. The Northern Lights
This northern phenomena is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. There’s nothing on the planet like it and is a definite must see attraction for everyone visiting Iceland. The dancing and dazzling lights are also one of the World’s greatest natural wonders. The lights are most visible from September to April, and are best admired in the remote areas, away from urban lights.