Friday 18 October 2019
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Five Important Things to Consider when Buying New Wheels

Five Important Things to Consider when Buying New Wheels

You have been thinking about purchasing wheels for some time now and you have decided to finally give it a go. And you really want to ensure that you get the perfect rims. So where exactly should you start? Here are some things that you must know before you start looking for wheels such as bmw wheels in stores or online.


The vehicle and application

 Do you drive a car or a truck? Often, wheel manufacturers divide their products based upon vehicle type so ensure that you check out truck models when you drive a pickup, for instance, so that you don’t unintentionally like a wheel that is designed for cars. Also it is great to remember what you’re using your vehicle for. In case you will be off-roading, you need to get a smaller wheel for more sidewall flex which will protect the wheel from damage.

Wheel Size

In case you are using your current tires instead of going for a total tires and wheels package, know your tires’ size as the diameter of the rim must match your tires. Thus, for instance, when you have 205/55R/16, tire size, you have to get 16-inch diameter wheels. But when you decide to go all out with a new wheels and tires package you can begin your search for the perfect rims either by searching by vehicle or choosing wheel size.

The Finish

Designs for rims have come a long way in the last years, and you currently have plenty of options to suit your vehicle and taste. Select from finishes like:

  • Gunmetal- matte,  dark and Light
  • Black- matte, satin or gloss
  • Machined- combined with gunmetal black:  the spoke, lip and whole face can be machined in any combination.
  • Chrome
  • Milled- Unique cuts are created into the aluminum in order to expose the metal look

Any of these finishes can be combined in 2 or 3-piece custom wheels. In terms of custom wheels there are endless possibilities.

The Budget

Prices of a set of rims can range from $500 – $4,000. Here are some things that must be considered when it comes to the cost of wheels.


  • A bigger wheel comes with a higher price tag
  • Expect chrome to be at least 30% more than paint
  • Construction comes in many kinds, from pressure cast to gravity cast to one-piece cast.

The look

Next to getting the keys following the Installation, the most fun part of the process could be seeing how your new wheels look on your ride.