Thursday 18 July 2019
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Six Awesome Features of Armored Vehicles

Six Awesome Features of Armored Vehicles

Armored cars usually look unusual. But, they are not limited to the boxy, bulky type being introduced in the past. These days, armored vehicles have a discreet style and function. They are designed to blend with other vehicles to prevent getting attention. A lot of them are customized to the needs and preferences of buyers.

Armored vehicles are designed to handle bullets from the majority of handguns and rifles. They can help in stopping attempts at hijacking and robbery. A lot of materials are made from ballistic steel as well as reinforced with ceramic and polyester laminates. Their windows are made from nearly bullet-resistant glass, polycarbonate, fiberglass, polyurethane, and glass made of acrylic. The glass is thicker than their regular counterparts and their thickness depends on their protection level. Below are the major features of armored vehicles:

Electric Shock

A number of armored vehicles are equipped with an electric shock system installed into their door handles. Once touched, they release a stream of electricity to the hand that can help in deterring attackers form opening the door.

Air Filtration System

This system is designed to filter out nuclear, chemical, and biological substances. It maintains positive pressure inside the passenger cabin and filters out airborne contaminants like those designed for limiting or paralyzing the senses.

Deadbolt Locking System and Electronic Locks

Armored vehicles such as Troy Armoring buses can be fitted with electric locks and deadbolts which make it difficult for anyone to come in. These features are anti drill, anti-pick and very hard to manipulate using standard lock-pick tools.

Bomb Protection Blanket

This blanket can serve as a ballistic shield against flying shrapnel and other harmful materials. It is quite portable. It can be wrapped around the body or put over doors or windows to serve as a shield gains explosions.

Run-Flat Rollers

These tires have an additional lining within which seals themselves if punctured by a screw or nail. Also, there is an extra ring attached to the wheel which helps the vehicle move continuously when the tire runs out of air. Although distances are likely to vary, it can be usually under 56 mph and 10 miles to 50 miles for limited distances, depending on the kind of tires used.

Hidden Gun Ports

Manufacturers can equip their armored vehicles with gun ports, depending on the amount of protection and security clients need. These ports are usually hidden in compartments or doors and spring loaded for automatic closure.